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Cannabis in Spiritual Practice

Will Johnson

Cannabis in Spiritual Practice


Alternative medicine

Akcijska oblast: Strane i taroti, 3 za 3999 Strane i taroti, 3 za 3999

ISBN: 9781620556856

Format: 15 x 23 cm

Broj strana: 144

Povez: Paperback

Izdavač: Inner Traditions

Godina izdanja: 2018.

Šifra proizvoda: 1326




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An exploration of the use of cannabis as a sacrament in spiritual practice

* Provides instructions for using marijuana for the spiritual practices of spontaneous movement, ecstatic dance, sitting meditation, and gazing meditation, allowing you to open the body's energies more fully and get closer to the Divine or your higher self

* Includes a new translation of the Five Moral Precepts of Buddhism, adapted to include energetic practices and the judicious use of entheogenic substances as a legitimate support for spiritual growth

With the end of marijuana prohibition on the horizon, people are now openly seeking a spiritual path that embraces the benefits of cannabis. Drawing upon his decades of experience as a teacher of Buddhism, breathing, yoga, and embodied spirituality, Will Johnson examines Eastern spiritual perspectives on marijuana and offers specific guidelines and exercises for integrating cannabis into spiritual practice.

The author explains how the great Hindu god Shiva enjoyed consuming bhang, a marijuana mixture that would cause his body to make spontaneous movements. From these cannabis-inspired movements, Shiva brought the body-focused practices of dance and yoga to the world. Examining the spiritual path of Shiva, including the Sadhu tradition, Johnson provides specific instructions and protocols for using marijuana as a sacrament as Shiva did.


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