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Magical World of Tarot - Gareth Knight

Garet Najt

Magical World of Tarot - Gareth Knight



Akcijska oblast: Strane i taroti, 3 za 3999 Strane i taroti, 3 za 3999

ISBN: 9780877288732

Format: 14 x 20 cm

Broj strana: 224

Povez: Paperback

Izdavač: Weiser Books

Godina izdanja: 1996.

Šifra proizvoda: 845




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The tarot has become enormously popular as a tool for divination and, on a more esoteric level, as a source of symbolic wisdom. Gareth Knight combines the two traditions into a connected workable system for students of the tarot.

Using the Marseilles Deck the direct descendant of the earliest hand-printed designs and the basis for the most of the later esoteric decks Knight provides an in-depth introduction to the tarot deck. He takes readers on a thorough exploration of each card its symbolic interpretation, how it has changed and developed throughout history and offers exercises the develop familiarity with each card. He presents nine lessons that combine basic instruction in the mechanics of divination with magical visualization techniques. Knight explains both Celtic Cross layout and his famous Knight Spiral 21-card spread, using symbolism that can be applied to most tarot decks. However, he recommends the Marseilles Deck with its traditional, simplistic figures for beginning students, and the Gareth Knight Tarot Deck, a deck based on esoteric concepts, for more advanced students. Perhaps most useful for students of the tarot are Knights answers to questions raised by students of his widely acclaimed Tarot Course.


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