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On the Toltec Path

Ken Eagle Feather

On the Toltec Path



Akcijska oblast: Strane i taroti, 3 za 3999 Strane i taroti, 3 za 3999

ISBN: 9781591430490

Format: 16 x 23 cm

Broj strana: 288

Povez: Paperback

Izdavač: Inner Traditions

Godina izdanja: 2006.

Šifra proizvoda: 1455




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An exploration of the teachings made popular by Carlos Castaneda

- Offers accessible instructions for Toltec spiritual and mystical practices

- Represents the conclusion of an 18-year learning task assigned by don Juan Matus

- Includes a new preface for this 10th anniversary edition

On the Toltec Path is an overview of the theory, discipline, and practice of the Toltec Way, a philosophy and heightened way of perceiving the world taught by the Indian seer don Juan Matus. As a philosophy, it is a method of inquiry using the Toltec three Rs: re-examination, re-interpretation, and re-formulation. As a way of perceiving the world, it offers sophisticated processes of managing perception through dreaming, visions, and learning to see the world as both ordinary and non-ordinary reality. By contrasting and balancing these two realities we are able to stand apart from both and pick and choose the best each has to offer. Learning how to become a true seer enables us to realize the purpose and meaning of our life.

The works of Carlos Castaneda have long been among the best-known introductions for those who wish to study the Toltec Way. However, many who want to learn the practical and technical aspects of this path have found it difficult to discern the details of the techniques buried in Castaneda's narrative. In this book Ken Eagle Feather provides a complete and accessible explanation of all the technical aspects of the Toltec spiritual and mystical practices.

He offers a thorough exploration of Castaneda's works and a verification of don Juan Matus's teachings through his own 30 years of personal experiences and observations of the Toltec Way. On the Toltec Path serves as a practical guide to the Toltec Way and offers a valuable complement to the narrative works of Castaneda and other Toltec authors.


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